1. Attention Water Plants
      a. Drinking Water Approval with Chemtrac Chlorine           Analyzer
2. Highest accuracy Level measurement-MTS
3. XP Rating for Magnetic Flow Meters standard-Sparling
4. Spire clamp on Ultrasonic Transit Time flow meters
      a. Transducers have built-in Magnets
      b. Transducers are rated for submergence.
      c. Set-up & Programming is the easiest available
5. Scott Safety-Newly designed universal toxic/combustible gas detectors, have easy calibration 
6. Eldridge gas flow meter is pressure & temp compensated & measures very low flows.

Meters & Controls Company is your number one source for professional service. We surpass the competition, in not only price, but customer committment as well.

Our company provides unsurpassed products for flow level pressure gas and fire detectors instrumentation services for industrial, municipal, and commercial markets.

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